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Who we are

Sierra Dobie Farms is operated by father and son team: Steve and Mark Pereira. The families love for the K9 breed of Doberman Pinscher began in 1963 when Steve had his first encounter with the breed in high school while working as a kennel boy for Santa Clara Animal Hospital. One of the hospitals impressive regulars was a big black Doberman who strutted the kennels with bold confidence. It was his obedient and majestic manner that intrigued him and he knew that was the dog for him.

After a few years, Steve bought his first doberman. And here it is 60 years later, with many wonderful memories of companionship, unbelievable loyalty, and outrageous courage. Steve's two children were raised with Doberman's and as adults now own a member of this incredible breed.

The Pereira's engage in this business out of a great love for their dogs and the Doberman breed. The goal of Sierra Dobie Farms is to provide our customers with a quality doberman that they will always love and in return will have a dog that will be forever faithful. We hope all of our customers will be as fortunate as we have been to have owned so many loyal companions.

In October 2012, Sierra Dobie Farms moved to Memphis,Tennessee.

Mark, Trader and Steve:

Sierra Dobie Farms Dobermans

Mark and our first doberman "Tasha", Oct. 1972:

Sierra Dobie Farms Dobermans


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