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Doberman Testimonials


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Before finding Sierra farms, I got scammed. As Steve put it I went from hell to heaven. I can't even say enough good things about them!! They are the nicest people and have seriously just gone above and
beyond!!! We drove from Michigan to get one of their puppies and I thought I loved him online, but omg I was just smitten when I seen him in person!!!! Our puppy (Lokee) had just gotten his ears cropped, they took the time to teach us how to properly wrap them. Lokee was already potty trained, really didn't need a leash, stayed right beside me every time we were out walking. All of their beautiful Dobermans were just so well behaved and you could tell that they are all very well taken care of and trained. I was a little worried about the puppy with my 11 month old daughter, however, almost as soon as they were in the car, Lokee was snuggled up to her in her car seat. It has now been almost 2 weeks that we have had him and he really is the best puppy!!! He tackles my youngest daughter while he's playing with her but she crawls all over him. They love stealing each others toys and now my daughter loves playing in his food and water. He snuggles with both of my daughters and is already the best baby brother they could have!!! If you are considering getting a Doberman I would definitely contact them!!! All of their dogs and puppy are just absolutely gorgeous!!!! They are worth the price and you can tell that they are genuinely loved and taken care of while in their care. I honestly could just go on and on forever about how great they are, the experience was and my puppies behavior and temperament!
I now feel that we have an extended family in Tennessee that I will share pictures and stories with from now on!!! I just love them!

black and tan  doberman puppy

Jolene G.

I had been wanting a Doberman for a long time and had talked to many breeders. When I called Steve Pereira at Sierra Dobie Farms I knew I was at the right place. Steve is so knowledgeable and willing to spend time talking about the Doberman breed he loves. Steve helped to place me with Desiree and Vaun Jackson at Heartwork Dobie Kennel and I now have a beautiful puppy. My first conversation with Steve was in March of this year and I am still in contact with Steve now in June. Steve has been so willing to help a first time Doberman owner and it really means a lot. Steve shows he really cares about both the dogs and the owners. Thank you Steve for helping me find my beautiful and intelligent dog. Zoey!

doberman picture

Stephany D.

doberman review

doberman puppy

Castle Rock, CO
colorado flag

Our family lives in Greenville, SC. Steve at Sierra Dobie Farms placed us with a wonderful dog breeder Desiree and Vaun where we found Diesel. We had a great experience, they explained the steps in how to take care of his ears and they gave us a goodie bag. Our two girls and our son love Diesel so much and they are constantly playing with each other.

doberman puppies sierra dobie farms USA

Norma and Angelo S.
Greenville, SC

I recently brought home my beautiful puppy Romeo from Steve and Ronnie. Steve did a great job by guiding me to the right litter. Ronnie at Sunny Hills Farm is excellent. He gives unconditional love and care to his puppies. His facility is immaculate. The puppies are all well socialized and people friendly. He makes sure they get plenty of exercise and fresh air.  Everywhere I take my puppy I get compliments on how handsome he is. Thank you for my new best friend.

doberman puppies sierra dobie farms USA

Jane H
St Louis, Mo
Mo flag

doberman review

european doberman in USA

european doberman in USA

european doberman in USA

JoEllen C.

european doberman in USA

european doberman in USA

Tia B.

european doberman in USA

Beth P.

Sunny definitely changed our family's life. I've had American Dobermans in the past & Sunny is my first European Doberman. She is a shining example of the highest quality of Doberman & daily exceeds expectations of the breed standard. Sunny is an amazing dog & so playful, always happy, healthy, & extremely affectionate to my children. Sierra Dobermans breed quality top level Dobermans & their excellence in breeding is unmatched & the dogs speak for themselves. Sunny is beautiful, healthy, has a wonderful loving temperament & has been amazing therapy for my autistic son, Dane. He was terrified of dogs before. Especially small ones. Now none of those small dogs or any dogs, for that matter even bother him now. Because of Sunny, Dane got motivated to run & actually won his age division, 12 years old, in the Cupid's Chase in Nashville this year!! Dane & Sunny run 5ks with me in the park. Sunny's been a blessing to gives my son all the love & safe space he needs to encourage him & help him enjoy the world more. I've been socializing Sunny at the Portland Strawberry Festival, Farmers Market, TSC's, & she's very well behaved in public settings. No barking in the car or at passing dogs, barking dogs, & strangers. She lives with a few kitties & bunnies & Sunny does marvelous with her feline & bunny friends. No aggression whatsoever. We absolutely adore Sunny!!

european doberman in USA

April H.

Hi Steve
Just wanted to send you a note and tell you how happy I am with Judah (Alexander Judah de Grande Vinko.USA). He is so awsome. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all your help. You've always been there to help and answer all my questions and guide me in every aspect I've needed. Judah being the 2nd. doberman I've gotten from you. I really should say the 2nd. quality, healthy, smart, intelligent with awsome temperment with perfect DNA. He such a wonderful dog.
You truly have the very best. I am so happy once again and proud to say I have another Sierra Doberman from your superior breedings. Everywhere I take Judah people walk up to me and are in aww of what a beautiful dog he is. They ask where I got him, I'm always proud to say Sierra Doberman's. I tell them they can never go wrong getting one of your puppies. I tell them iif you are looking for the best knowledgeable and experienced breeder contact Steve at Sierra Doberman's n Memphis, TN because he's professional and the very best.
Thank you again.

european doberman in USA

Carol P.
ohio flag

I got an European Doberman from Steve and Duane at Sierra Doberman Farms and could not be more pleased.  The pup is in excellent health and is super smart.  Steve and Duane are both incredibly knowledgeable and guided me through everything and continue to have an open door to any questions that may come up.  True professionals.  I would recommend Sierra Doberman Farms to anyone looking for a quality dog, breed with health in mind and constant support after you get your little one home.  I would give them 6 out of 5 stars if I could.  I’m so impressed with them and they pups they bring you.


european doberman in USA

Navarre, FL
doberman in florida

I just got a puppy from these guys (Steve and Ronnie). They are the most professional, attentive and caring breeders/business owners that I have dealt with in a very long time. This is my 4th Dobermann, 1st puppy from them and the experience was amazing! First off, I am also in the pet services business. I am a Professional Behaviorist/Dog Trainer with over 20 years of experience in the field. So I've dealt with many Breeders throughout my career. I've been searching for the right dog, from the right place for almost 2 years. I am grateful to have found Steve and Ronnie.

I drove from CA to TN to pick the dog up, meet them and see their facility. I can't say enough good things about them and their operation. Since the beginning with my initial conversations with Steve, I knew that they were the right fit for me. They answered all my questions, openly and honestly. They didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. While I was waiting for my puppy to be released, they sent me progress videos and called/texted to give me updates. When the day came that I was to pick the dog up, I drove to ther facility from CA and was so glad I did! It is impressive, to say the least. First off, Ronnie has the ultimate doggie playground! Lot's of open spaces and a pond for the dogs to run, play and swim. He also keeps the place spotless and free from clutter and anything that could be harmful to puppies, that don't know any better. You can definitely tell that these guys care about the well being of their dogs.

Both Ronnie and Steve have followed up with me after I got home with my puppy as well and have made themselves available to answer any questions I have. They are prompt to reply and very helpful. The puppy is amazing and has the best temperament. Is already well socialized and very confident! He immediately took to a crate and that made the ride home with him a breeze (3 days in the car). He is already taking to the training and is very easy to manage. I honestly have not had a better experience with a puppy before, and I've owned several and have trained hundreds! If you want the best, go to the best. Give these guys a call. You won't be sorry!

Axl-Rose de Grande Vinko.USA

doberman puppy

Eric owns k9 Solutions
Santa Barbara , CA
california doberman

Hello Steve,

It’s been a while since we talked. You blessed me with the best companion, Kira in February 2013. She was the top female pick, miss red. She lived a beautiful life and treated me and my fiancé with unconditional love. Kira protected us and never let her guard down. People would avoid crossing path with us on our walks but little did they know she was a sweetheart and loved attention. She was fearless and the biggest cuddle bug. A 75 pound baby with excellent temperament!

Unfortunately, it is extremely heartbreaking, but she passed on 05/07/2022 due to gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) , bloat (Click here to learn more...).

We did everything we could to save her. Kira underwent surgery and pass due to post surgery complications. Kira passed in her home, on her bed, and in our arms after a long fight with her complications. It was one of the hardest thing to experience as she wasn’t just a dog, she was family. We love her so much and she didn’t transition alone. Her family was there for her every 1 minute of her last days.

Id like to thank you for breeding such an amazing dog. The 9 years of life she shared with me was truly priceless. We are still deep in the grieving process but definitely sharing our story to prevent Bloat in other dogs and to share the lovely memories we had with her. 

Please, share our story and let your future puppy owners know Dobies are at higher risk of Bloat.  Also, Bloat risk can be extremely reduced with a pre-operation. It is way less costly and less intrusive to the dog. Commonly done when the dogs are spayed or nurtured. 

Kira is in our hearts full of lovely memories. She is now playing in peace. Thank you again Steve. We will definitely get another companion from you when the time is right. 

european doberman in USA

Thank you,

Oliver N.
San José, CA
california doberman

I received my precious blue boy Lazarus a couple weeks ago from Steve at Sierra Dobie Farms. Steve has been so helpful throughout the entire process. He’s a WEALTH of knowledge & eager to share it! He is quick to answer my calls and texts, and patient with my many questions. Lazarus is SO SMART, and a loving, sweet handful! I HIGHLY recommend Sierra Dobie Farms‼ Thank you Steve for your continued support!

blue doberman puppy

Celeste K.
SW Tennessee

After a significant amount of research and conversations with countless breeders we decided that the European Doberman was the best fit for our family.  We felt most comfortable with Steve and Sierra Dobie Farms.  He was always patient and prompt when responding to our questions and requests for photos.  Steve ensured that the puppy we adopted (Zeda) possessed the right disposition for our family situation.  He was spot on.  We received a healthy, calm, confident, and well socialized pup.  Her disposition and conformation of are of the highest quality.  I would expect nothing less from the offspring of Karadag.   We highly recommend Sierra Dobie Farms.

doberman puppy Zeda

Bill and Abby P.
North Carolina
North Carolina flag

Wanted to thank you again for all of your help and thoughtfulness! Our new puppy is cute, fun, active, healthy and very smart! We have a professional trainer who is totally impressed with her ability to learn fast and how she responds to training. We simply could not be more pleased! Again, thanks for all of your concern and attention to detail. The van delivery was excellent and a fine way to introduce Molly to her forever home. For anyone looking for a high quality Doberman, you can't go wrong with Sierra Dobie Farms!!

doberman puppy doberman puppy

John R.
New Mexico
New Mexico

Anna is my first guide dog and my first dog ever so I had no idea what to expect but it is safe to say that she has exceeded all of my expectations! She is smart, a hard worker, and incredibly sweet. She is always alert and watching out for any obstacles that may be in my path and I feel so safe and protected with her by my side. Anna definitely has a goofy side but when her harness goes on, she is all business and knows that it's time to work! Being legally blind presents so many challenges but Anna makes every day easier and she has given me so much more independence. Thank you for such an amazing guide dog and companion!
!! Anna is the daughter of Karadag de Grande Vinko x Gallant Hearts Rogue
She was provided to Meghan for free thanks to the great work of Becky Floyd and her team of many generous supporters. Please consider helping them expand and continue this great works with our fine Doberman Breed with your contributions.
Please visit: Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center

guide doberman dogguide doberman dogguide doberman dog

Meghan G.

We HIGHLY recommend Sierra Dobie Farms Dobermans. On July 6 we went to Memphis to get our first Dobie Lexi. She was 11 weeks old when we got her. Axel wasn't old enough to come home so we had to wait a month to get him. It felt like a year, but on Aug. 6 we welcomed our baby boy home. We could not be happier with our babies. Steve at Sierra Dobie Farms was/is amazing. He really cares about his pups and goes above and beyond to help in any way. If you are looking for a beautiful healthy Dobie, Sierra Farms is the place to get you one or two. :)) We are so thankful we were able to get two Dobie's. They are 7 weeks and 3 days apart but they play so well together and it just fills our hearts to watch them grow together every day. Thank you Steve!!! We are forever grateful!!!

female doberman puppy

male doberman puppy

Gerard and Cynthia B.
Houma, Louisiana

I did quite a bit of research before choosing Sierra Dobie Farms and Steve Pereira as my breeder of choice for European Dobermans. The reviews and his reputation confirmed my choice along with the conversation we had over the phone. And of course the AKC DNA Profile of Karadag de Grande Vinko. When I was first introduced to Karadag I was cautious as he is impressively intimidating. His size, his head and stature alone made me realize the difference between the American and European Doberman. However,  once Karadag approved my presence he tried to climb into my lap. The dame Athena, I did not meet first hand but her health and photos were striking making for an ideal paring. Nick Turner is the owner of Athena located in Virginia. He was a fount of knowledge and answered all my questions. He provided updates and photos from birth to delivery of the puppies. Nick also delivered the puppies to Steve with updated shots and cropped ears ready for taping. As for the taping and follow up care Steve goes beyond what I expected. He will teach you how to prepare and tape the puppies ears for you. He also has a video online to follow. You may think that is enough but if you prefer and you live close enough he will tape your puppy for you every 5 days until they are set. He will even provide shots at cost. These are two amazing benefits. They both, Steve and Nick also ask for updates as your pup grows. In short, I highly recommend both Steve Pereira and Nick Turner should you decide that a European Doberman Pinscher is right for you and your family.
My puppy Brom:

doberman puppy - cropped ears

Steve C.

Eagle Dance de Grande Vinko is our first doberman to own and Steve has been amazing to work with and goes over and beyond to help with educating you on posting, training, and just continuing to be a great resource. We were very hesitant and researched a lot of breeders reviews, websites, and we are so glad we chose Sierra Dobie Farms. We love our doberman and will be buying our second from him in the next year :)

doberman puppy Eagle Dance de Grande Vinko

Tonya E.

I wanted a doberman puppy from European blood lines and found Sierra Farms. I could not be more pleased with my puppy Willow. She is excellent quality and disposition. It is obvious her care has been the very best and when i visited her before i picked her up the socialization and wonderful love and care she was getting was most apparent. I would highly recommend Sierra Farms for an excellent Dobe companion and best friend.

doberman puppy Willow

Pam W.

Sampson fits right in.  Great personality.  Smart as a whip. Willing to learn and please. He is everything I wanted in a dog.  I want to take him to some schuthund training later on when he gets a little older.

doberman puppy

Glen C.
Miami, Oklahoma

Sasha has been a wonderful addition to our family. She plays well with our other two labs and has socialized well on our outings to the barn and Shelby Farms. She also interacts with my four-year-old daughter and they are becoming fast friends.  She has been a fast learner and in the 6weeks I have had her has learned multiple commands including sit, stay, lay down ,shake, and leave it.The ground work laid by Sierra Dobie Farms was amazing and I would recommend them without any reservation.  I give them a 5 star rating.

doberman puppy

Elizabeth S.

Steve, I just want to express my appreciation for all your time, advise, kindness and of course always availability. I'm so impressed your continuing care and concern of your customers needs. That is so rare these days. First I want to say how happy I am with my beautiful boy Maverick. He so bright, intelligent, smart, and his temperament is awesome. Learns so quickly. Poty trained totally at 10 weeks.He such a quality dog. I'm so greatful n my search for a carring knowledgeable breeder I called you. I had called several other breeders and was so negative sorry to say. Maverick has been a good fit with my other dobie and min pin. They get along well play well I couldn't b more happier. I take him out and about people stop or come over to Me and say they've not seen such beautiful Doberman.They ask where I got him. I proudly tell them Sierra Dobie Farms n Memphis, Tenn. I can't say enough good things about Sierra Dobie Farms and our relationship over past two years even though we've never met in person. I recommend you and your top quality dogs not only to my family (of which my son will be getting one in couple years when he retires) but to anyone that wants top quality dobie and and an enjoyable experience doing so. In my opinion Sierra Dobie Farms is the Elite no one could ever go wrong by getting there dobie from you. I'm looking forward to doing business again with Steve Pereira n the future. Thanks so much. I'm a very happy customer.

doberman Maverick


ohio flag

We contacted Steve Pereira after seeing his website. Both my wife and I had had Dobies growing up, but it had been years and we weren't sure whether we were up to a working breed dog, since we still had a family cat we'd grown quite attached to. Before we got our puppy, my wife and teenage sons visited the farm where the puppies are whelped. All of the dogs were wonderful and our boys ran with the dogs until the boys were tired out. Our puppy, Tank, has exceeded all our expectations. He is a beautiful animal, who blends well with people and our cat. He is a gentle giant, with a goofy side that keeps us laughing and from taking life too seriously. Steve Pereira and Ronnie Arnold are true professionals, who are dedicated to the responsible stewardship of a wonderful breed of dog. We couldn't be happier.

doberman and cat

Charles and Karen G.

Hi Steve, just wanted to say, we are so pleased to have and be the proud parents of 2 of your doberman dogs. They are top quality, their build, temperament, smart, easy to train. I can’t imagine not having one in our family. Sierra Dobie Farms have always come through for us and been there for advice on food, breeding, and any questions we might have. Your delivery of the puppies and your concern for their welfare was outstanding. We will always be the best of friends, you are so special.


Glen & Rose P.
Las Cruces, NM

Flag New Mexico


Just a quick note to let you know how extremely happy I am with Kobi.  I can't say enough good things about him. He is a beautiful, intelligent, and loving  dog with a HUGE personality.  His disposition is just perfect,  I should say HE is perfect! He is so full of energy who loves to play - doesn't matter what our game - he's eager to do it.  He loves the usual of fetch & tug a war but he's also a great hiking & running partner, loves to play on the community playground (slides), loves the water, the woods, and tall grass, loves kids and other dogs.  He's just a happy, adventurous boy who like to have fun.  Which we do - every day! He passed basic obedience before the age of 3 months and has exceeded in advanced training already, before the 6 months of age.  His potential is limitless. Even with all this energy, he is the most loving dog who loves to cuddle. While he's always ready to go, he's always ready to be still too.  He's a pleaser. I think he had a great start from birth.  I appreciate that he was born in a family home, in a kiddie pool inside the house.  And the love and attention he received until he was in our home is obvious.  I appreciated all the videos & pictures we received along the way.  Knowing he came from people who care about their animals means a lot.  No puppy mill here & that's a fact! I am so grateful for my perfect companion, so thank you.

doberman puppy doberman puppy

Ron and Sandra
Smokey Mountains, TN

Hello Steve. Hope all is well.  Just thought I'd write a quick note of thanks. We adore Krieger and he's absolutely a fantastic dog. We would definitely purchase from Sierra Dobie Farms again. Our experience was nothing but perfect. Thanks again!!


New Jersey
new jersey

Hi Steve, I just wanted to send you a picture of Stella. She is now 9 months old and 85lbs. The sweetest, smartest dog we have ever had. We love her and so does everyone else. Just wanted to thank you again. She definitely is a great dog. She loves kids and loves other dogs. She has soooo much energy so she goes to "camp" when we are at work. She gets to run and play all day with tons of other dogs. Would love to get another one from you within the next year or so.

doberman female doberman female

New Jersey

new jersey

Stormy is stunning, amazingly smart. We are sooooo pleased. We started k-9 off leash training and she is doing Great! She completed 8 weeks of obedience training in 4 weeks. So we get 4 weeks of advanced training.  The trainer says Stormy is her favorite.  We absolutely love her. We get so many complements on her.

doberman doberman

Richard and Jennifer

Hi SteveHow are you? Just wanted to show you Nero's ears after 16 hours.We love him, he's a beautiful energetic, happy boy and everyone that sees him compliments him.  He is house trained!! He already sits, lays and walks to the park , on leash well with my pit.  Oh and he plays fetch and actually gives me the ball back, something my pit rarely would do.Just wanted to thank you again for my BEAUTIFUL BOY! You have been so patient and helpful and have stayed in touch checking on Nero since we brought him home.  That's the sign of an excellent Breeder that along with health and as u can see he is very healthy.

doberman puppy

doberman puppy doberman male


I just love my Dobie. I live in Jonesville, Viginia and my vet Dr. Harcum mentioned he is the only Doberman in LEE County and is impressed with his size, well defined features and great temperament.  Tyson has a thick neck, muscle mass, which freed my attention to this breed. I walk him around our park and everyone just wants to give him attention and tells me stories of dobermans they had or been around. They all comment on his size and mellow temperament. I did my research when I was looking for one and glad I came across Sierra Dobie Farms web sight. Steve was available from the beginning and continues to be available now 17 months later as I share Tyson with him. Tyson is very loyal to me sleeps by me rides with me and goes every where with me. I couldn't ask for a better companion then my wife as I start my retirement.

doberman puppy


Thank you for all you've done for us. Mia is an exceptional example of superior breeding and a loving environment. Thank you for giving her such a good start. We LOVE her!!  Highest regards!

doberman puppy doberman puppy

doberman puppy doberman puppy

Andy and Sue

Sierra Dobie Farms has delivered an exceptional Dobie to our family. We are so grateful to have fallen on the hands of Sierra Dobie Farms. Steve was available and continues to be there to answer any questions about our dobie Rex.
Rex is healthy as can be with no issues. Thanks again Steve for making this a pleasant experience.

doberman puppy


We know Dobermans can train fast but we just in awe how fast Magda is learning. She already knows sit, down, come, her name, fetch (her favorite) very basic walk on a leash and we only have her for 2 weeks. She figured out how to go up and down stairs right away. She also knows that she wont get her food unless she sits and looks at me. We are going through the potty training and she is doing well too. Our 10 years old Rhodesian ridge-back is still trying to adjust to a new member of the family.  Magda the Doberman wants to play, but the old dog wants to sleep.  They interact under our close supervision for now.

doberman puppy


Here's a picture of Princess Sienna in one of her favorite spots, in the sun looking over our backyard. Isn't she beautiful.
Wanted to let you know what a good dog she has grown up to be, 1 year old in November and she gets better behaved every day and she is the smartest dog I have ever had.
I love her and am taking very good care of her.


South Carolina

We just got our beautiful male Doberman from Sierra Dobie Farms.
First a word about the breeder, Steve is fantastic! He is always quick to answer any questions. 
We were sent pictures of the puppies from the moment they were born and then following every couple weeks until the big day when he drove almost 4 hours to meet us with our handsome pup!
He gave us a lesson on posting the ears. And has followed up to see how the puppy is doing.
Now about our puppy Noble, HE IS GORGEOUS! He's been learning and doing potty training successfully as well as a few commands. 
We just LOVE him and we know going with Steve's SDF dobies was the best decision - they breed only the best Dobermans to ensure your puppy is going to be stunning as well as healthy and sturdy- 

We would HIGHLY recommend anyone looking to have a Doberman look at www.sierradobiefarms.com and talk to Steve for a doberman that is second to none!

doberman puppy Noble

Teresa and Michael
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

What a nice reunion, picking up our new little miss Sierra's Echo.  We are calling her Sierra.  We started out with Echo but everyone loves Sierra and think it fits her as a regal doberman.

Things are crazy here as it probably is for you guys, as well, with Christmas just around the corner.
Everyone is coming over to see our puppy and everyone loves her.  

Took her to our Vet today.  He is totally thrilled with her.  He said that she is a beauty and appears to be healthy.  My Vet's wife carried her around like a baby for at least 15 min.  I was there 1 1/2 hours.  Sierra and I, both, got multiple kisses from them.

This little miss is so happy and inquisitive and playful. She is a delightful puppy.  Tell Hayden that he did a good job of taking care of her for me.

doberman puppy Sierra's Echo

Judy and Jim
St. Louis, Missouri 

If you are thinking about bringing in a Doberman into your life, then you have come to the right people to get one from. Sierra Dobie Farms have been nothing short of amazing during the whole process. I am talking about BEFORE the puppies had been born.
I was interested in getting a dobie for myself, I have owned dobies for 35 years, but have not had one in the last 3 and the time was right, but had never had a Euro Dobie and when looking came across Sierras web site, and boy I  am glad I did. Called Steve and he first told me the differences between the US and Euro dobes, had a long discussion and told him I would think about it.
Called him back a few days later and told him I wanted one, a black and tan. He said he had a mating coming up and told me who the Parents were and to go to the web site to see if it was to my liking, was blown away by the parents and told him yes. He told me when the breeding was to take place and gave me a tentative date for pup to come home. He then asked if I wanted the pups ears to be done there and I agreed, so we changed the date of pick up to 2 weeks later.
The time I had to wait for the dog was worth it as I was able to pick Steve's brain by phone or text for the next months about what the dog should eat, what type of ear cut, sending photos and videos of past and present pups and adults.
When the pup was born I received weekly photos and daily sometime,s of the progress.
When I came to pick the pup up I was very happy to see not just my pup, but the other dogs there were happy healthy and clean.
Steve cleaned the pup and did the ear posting before we left, and even gave me a bag of food to take with me so I would not have to change food right off the bat.
My boy Atticus is just a big bundle of joy, my vet was amazed that the pup, no worms of his first visit!, great confirmation and excellent hair, very shinny, and his motor is going 24/7, the ultimate Dobie, runs like the wind, house broken, knows basic commands and is a great retriever, all at 3 MONTHS OLD!!!!

I feel I got very lucky choosing Sierra Dobie farms, as there are a lot of dobie breedrers to choose from, and I am very lucky Atticus allowed me to be part of HIS family.

doberman puppy Atticus

Charlotte, N. Carolina

If you are looking for a Doberman, Sierra Dobie Farms is the place for you! My experience started when I lost my previous dobie and was looking for a  reputable breeder. I contacted Steve, and was able to go and see some of his dogs and puppies to see if they were  the quality of  dogs I was looking for. They were absolutely perfect! I was able to  look on his site at www.sierradobiefarms.com and choose a pairing that I liked; and reserved my puppy. Steve was very knowledgeable and capable. He answered any and all questions. Steve provided puppy photos from birth to her delivery at the airport. Since he lives nearby, he even went to the airport with us to pick up our precious little spitfire, Keegan! He helped me set up a vet appointment to get her ears cropped and even showed up to check on her when she got her stitches out. Steve has continued to be helpful and supportive to us. I can honestly say that I have never had a better experience. I would recommend that anyone looking for a fantastic dog and a great experience throughout give Sierra Dobie Farms a try!

.doberman puppy Sierra's Echo

Tiffany and Drew
Memphis, TN

I couldn't say enough good about Sierra Dobie Farms! They sent me pictures of my puppy as he was growing and did a awesome job of keeping me updated as how he was doing. The quality and disposition of my Spike is outstanding and I couldn't be more happy about choosing Sierra Dobie Farms. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful, high quality Doberman.

doberman puppy Sierra's Echo

English, Indiana

If you want a quality Doberman, Sierra Dobie Farms is the place to go.Prior to contacting Steve at Sierra, I researched dozens of breeders.  I was looking for breeders close to home.  Not only did I review their websites, but I placed calls to them all.  Surprisingly, less than five returned my call and another few sent emails.  None were particularly helpful and all but one sounded annoyed that I called.   I broadened my search and found Sierra Dobie Farms.  After looking at Sierra’s site late one night, I immediately sent an email to Steve inquiring into an available puppy.  Steve responded that night and provided photographs of the puppy, the parents, and detailed information on her lineage. This is my first Doberman as an adult, so I had many questions.  Steve spent an hour with me on the phone and promptly responded to every email I sent.  It was clear that he knew Dobermans and loved them.  As soon as I hung up the phone I knew we wanted one of his puppies.Not only is Steve a pleasure to deal with, but our puppy is gorgeous, smart, and healthy.  Steve takes excellent care of his breeding dogs, as well as the puppies once they are born.  She was acclimated to a home environment when we got her, and she is extremely gentle with our young children and other pets.  When I took her to the vet, the staff verified her health and said she was the best looking Doberman they had seen.  I couldn’t agree more.Steve went above and beyond to make the transition as smooth as possible.  He sent daily videos and photos of our puppy, and provided updates as she had her ears cropped.  He also offered to have her microchipped while she was under anesthesia for her ears, so there was no discomfort.  She was current on all of her vaccines when she arrived, and Steve provided detailed instruction (and supplies) for posting her ears.   We were not sure how we would bring the puppy to Florida, as our schedules did not permit us to travel to Memphis.  Steve advised that shipping was an option, but then offered to personally fly her to Florida.  So, Steve took a day out of his busy life to sit at the airport and fly round trip to Florida with our dog.  She arrived safe and sound, and stress free.Lastly, Steve continues to email me regularly to inquire about her transition and to answer any questions I still have.  Our Luna is absolutely perfect and was a member of the family before she even came home!If you are looking for a happy and healthy puppy, and a breeder who cares about both, this is the place to go.

doberman puppy

Angela and Jeremy
Tampa, Florida

About Steve,
After checking out many dobie breeders I decided to use Steve from Sierra Dobie Farms as I only wanted a European dobie. I was a little reluctant at first as I was not able to see the puppy or parents prior to purchasing (I live in the big apple). Steve put all my fears to rest with all of the videos, pictures and most important getting to know me and what personality dog I was looking for. This is my third dobie and I am very particular about what breeder to use. Steve flew Rayven to New York on Delta and it could not have gone smoother, he was thorough from the time I first spoke to him to  now 20 months later, he even came to New York to see Rayven, my wife and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Sierra Dobie Farms.
Now about the dobie.
I don't think its possible to find better looking dogs and great temperament's as Steve's dogs. Incredibly affectionate and loving, Rayven can be around 100 kids and love the attention -see pics-, and then be home and be alpha male guard dog at home, he's fine when I let people in the house, the best of both worlds. I attribute this to great blood lines in breeding practices. He is great with my kids, your kids, and everyone else who's around him. Thumbs up for Sierra Dobie Farms.



Rayven 10 years ago arriving in N.Y.:

doberman video

Rayven at 10 years of age:

doberman video

Rob and Sherri
Long Island, New York

After losing my best friend my Doberman Saber, I decided to start a research on the different breeders around my area and breeders with Euro lines. During my research I placed different calls and I found Sierra Dobie Farms. I spoke with Steve and from the beginning he answer all my questions, but what I noticed the most was that he cares about the breed and me as a customer.I have to say it’s  been a great journey with my new puppy. He is beautiful and everywhere I take him people loves him including his Vet.Steve kept me informed during the process and meet me half ways between states to delivered my puppy. He will stay in touch with you to make sure everything is OK. From the beginning I felt I could trust Steve. Now Staro is almost 6 month, he is healthy and learn fast. In my opinion it’s been a great experience.



I bought a dobie pup from Steve a little over three years ago, Trader was his father. We named him Sierra's East Coast Tango partly because he came from California all the way to the East coast of Virginia. We have been very happy with him and he is very gentle around our two girls, one 7 and the other is 3 months. He is very energetic and can play or run outside for hours and loves to swim in the creek behind our house. He is a big boy like his daddy, he is 124 lbs. and dcm negative. He has really become part of the family, and sleeps in the bed between my wife and I every night.



Steve , Sierra's Callie may be the smartest and prettiest Dob I've ever had. She may be smarter than me.

Love her and she's great with kids.




Sierra Dobie Farms was great to work with from the beginning. They sent us great pictures, and videos. We picked our girl and knew right away she was perfect.

We live in California so we had to arrange travel for her,  and that process was seamless and carefully thought out.

Our girl Casey is so docile, smart  and beautiful  ( she knows it too). 
We get stopped everywhere we take her, and people say how stunning and sweet she is

Now we are about to get our 2nd Doberman from  Steve at Sierra Dobie Farms,  we wouldn’t go  to any other place.


Sari and John
San Francisco, CA
california doberman

Want a fabulous pure - bred quality European Doberman puppy? Start with the best Breeder: Steve at Sierra Dobie Farms. A true professional, gives personal service and will always be there for you and your dog. Steve worked diligently with us to find the Best pup possible for our needs.You can see our puppy Axel on this site with his father, the incredible Karadag. We are elated at what a smart, healthy and loving dog Axel is. Steve is still there for us. He's more than a breeder. He promotes and loves the breed and, we think, still considers all his pups to be a part of him.Axel is calm, fearless, loyal. He has a great spirit but loves and responds to his training. He's supremely afectionate and instantly became part of our family. Strong as a bull, yet gentle and fun loving. And he's so intelligent and intuitive, it's simply amazing. A Dobe puppy is a handful and takes great commitment, constant attention and lots of love, but you'll be rewarded back many times over. We can't imagine not having Axel in our family.If you're ready for this, talk to Steve at Sierra Dobie Farms. Listen to his advice. You may end up enriching your life with one of the world's most magnificent creatures.


Cliff and Arlene
Illinois and Michigan

Alessi is our second European doberman but she is our first one from Steve at Sierra Dobie Farms. I cannot recommend Steve enough! He was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, met us halfway, was very very helpful and informative. He also called to check several times after we had our little girl ( she was little then) home to check on her!! If you are looking at this webpage because you are considering buying a Doberman, trust me, you should buy from Steve at Sierra Dodie Farms!!


Michael and Phil
Macon, Georgia


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